Valentine’s Day is coming soon

Valentine’s Day is coming soon – how do you think of it?  The answer is, it depends...

 Touristree took to the streets of Thessaloniki to ask people of all ages “what’s the  secret for a successful Valentine?” Beyond the usual -- flowers, stuffed bears, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate -- one thing stood out above all: a romantic, meaningful and unique experience, spent together – for, and with, each other.

But where, and how, to build that unique experience? The men and women we spoke with gave some ideas.

Our 18-28 year-olds considered the classic Valentines Day dinner (candlelight and roses) a bit too much of a cliché. For this group of Millenials, the most important way to celebrate romance involves spontaneity and originality – what they drink and eat matters much less than how they feel and where they are. Suggested:              -take a stroll at Nea Paralia (Seaside Promenade) by eating daily fresh-baked nuts from Nuts Factory, a picnic at the Umbrellas at the same place or a short visit at the “balcony of Thessaloniki”- the Upper Town. Have a coffee or a soft drink to places like Caravan, To Tsai or Candy Bar.                                                                                  

The (slightly!!) older generation, 29-42 year olds, put the responsibility for romance squarely on the Guys’ shoulders. The beauty of natural settings (think beaches and forests) as a backdrop for a gourmet meal to «awaken the senses» scored high, but even more important is the element of surprise, and the certainty that everything is planned «just for you». Gentlemen, get started quick! If you don’t have any free time to make your research we suggest you THRIA  or La mia Lucca.

From 43 and onwards, the need for a break from the daily routine with some quality personal time is what’s necessary for a Valentine’s Day success story. Dedicated attention and a thoughtfully-chosen place to spend it are the perfect ingredients for couples who understand the value, and rarity, of romance together. A daily cruise through Thermaikos gulf, Skyline café-bar for a 360- degree view of Thessaloniki and the newly arrived a’ la carte restaurant at Dragoumi Arcade GrEatings are suggested.