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Lake Kerkini National Park is a wildlife haven, home to more than 300 rare and protected species of birds and animals. The manmade lake, formed in the early 1930s when the Strymonas River was dammed, is nestled in a beautiful natural landscape of forest, willows and water lillies and forms an ideal habitat for many varieties of cormorants, herons, coots, terns, falcons, eagles and more.

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History, philosophy, and flavor all converge in Naoussa, a small city in northern Greece located in the foothills of the Vermia mountains. Famous as the location of Aristotle’s School, Naoussa is equally known for the quality of its wines and its delicious pies baked in traditional wood ovens.

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While Mount Olympus is most commonly known as the ‘Seat of the Gods,’ the valleys and high slopes of Mount Olympus are home to som e of the world’s rarest plant species. Our trip starts in Litochoro with a visit to the Monastery of Saint Dionyius, and then continues towards up the mountain to the trailhead at Prionia (1100 m.) where we get a short course in mountain lore and trekking safety.

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The ancient healing practice of sound therapy has been used for thousands of years as a way to transform body, mind and soul. Many cultures from around the world use sound to re-align and re-balance the user. Pythagoras used the ratio of interval and frequency to produce his musical scale in 500 BC.

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