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We walk to the most beautiful places in the city center. Our English-speaking guide shows the sights and professional photographer make the moments live forever !! We start a journey in the history of Thessaloniki. From the beautiful area of Electra Palace of modern Thessaloniki we move to Byzantium, the Ottoman domination, and from the First World War to the Second World War. We end up our walking tour at a traditional city cafe.

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Take a trip back in time to the famous flea market at Bit Bazaar. The area is well-known by locals for its small stores and street vendors, whose vast collections bring memories and visions of times long past.

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Although most people see it as a bustling city, Thessaloniki is bordered by a soft Pine forest, the perfect place to enjoy a moonlight walk and enjoy a different view of the area. We follow a path through the woods to reach the highest point of the “Ssei-Ssu” hills, and along the way enjoy the hide-and-seek views of the city below us.

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Thessaloniki has a long and rich Jewish tradition, dating back to the 15th century. Following their expulsion from Spain, Sephardic Jews came to Thessaloniki by invitation from the Ottoman Sultan. Over the next four centuries, the Jewish population of Thessaloniki grew to be the largest in Europe, giving rise to the nickname “la Madre de Israel” (the mother of Israel).

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They say that to know a culture you should walk its streets, hear its songs, and try its cuisine. For more than 2 millenia, Thessaloniki has benefitted from its position as a ‘crossroads’ of the Balkans. Opportunities for commerce and trade drew numerous peoples from lands far and near, and their ‘footprint’ remains in the enormous variety of local cuisine, which retains the influences many different cultures.

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Combine stunning scenery with some of the most historical sights of the city. There’s more to Thessaloniki than just you can see through the window of a bus. Real Thessaloniki is full of spicy aromas, traffic and horns, stories and history,  buildings, customs and traditions. The long march of Empires, from Roman to Byzantine to Ottoman, have left their stamp on the city’s architecture and culture via churches and mosques, catacombs and tombs, ancient markets and fortresses.

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Where can you get the most delightful view of Thessaloniki? By boat, of course! Take a sailing tour along the city’s coastline and get a one-of-a-kind look at the entire waterfront. We’ll see landmarks like the Thessaloniki Marina, the Concert Hall, the umbrella sculpture and monument of Alexander the Great , the White Tower, and Aristotelous Square. From this distance you can also get the “full picture” of the city walls and the picturesque acropolis.

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